'Real bargains' on offer in Weston's independent shops

Alan Holloway in Imaginarium Weston

Alan Holloway is encouraging people to shop locally as they will find plenty of bargains. - Credit: Vicky Angear

The owner of a Weston store says there are 'real bargains' to find if people shop locally.

Alan Holloway has run the Imaginarium shop on Meadow Street for four years - stocking a wide range of comics and several hundred graphic novel collections.

The shop also sells Lego kits and figures, gifts and official T-shirts from the likes of Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Rick and Morty and 2000 AD - all for £10.

He said: "I guess I just want people to realise there's real bargains to be had in real shops.

"They come to us and they can get stuff cheaper than online, along with the sweet buzz that comes from supporting local businesses.

"Shop local does not have to mean paying more, and I urge people to come into town and find that out for themselves.”

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