Businessman’s anger over sex studio smear campaign

A NEW photography business in Weston town centre has been hit by an online smear campaign accusing it of filming pornography and hosting extreme sex parties.

The supposed hardcore sex activities were said to be scheduled to take place at Hedonix Studio in Oxford Place, off High Street, Weston – a new family-friendly studio which has not even finished setting up its facilities yet.

The obscene posts – far too graphic to print in a family newspaper – were seemingly made after the studio’s management team turned down a request from a fetish photographer who wanted to use the new sets for his work.

The studio is currently being kitted out and is about to open as a photography and film business offering wedding photos, family shots, portfolio work, graphic design and editing.

Terry McGuire, manager of Hedonix, said he was ‘horrified’ when he read the posts which he said were created to cause ‘the maximum amount of damage’ to his new business venture.

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The studio’s details were posted on a site called Adult Industry Resources which stated the premises boasted, among other things, a dungeon and classrooms.

A post was also put up on a separate fetish and swingers forum called Informed Consent stating that the studio would host a graphic sex party promising ‘mistresses and domination’, next month.

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It said entry would cost �18 per person or �30 for couples, with attendees invited to bring sex toys and equipment.

Another post on the same site was made detailing ‘Weston-super-Munch’ parties at Mr McGuire’s neighbouring business, T’s Club in Oxford Street.

Mr McGuire said: “After looking into this we believe we have found the culprit behind these posts on a public forum and will be taking appropriate legal action against the individuals once confirmed.

“We are in the process of setting up a media and photography studio at the location mentioned, one that won’t be ready for many weeks, certainly not anything as described.

“We were approached by a fetish photographer who was interested in using the studio space. For commercial reasons we decided not to go ahead with this.

“We believe that this event and posts were then created as a way of causing the maximum amount of damage and embarrassment to this new venture.

“I was quite horrified as to what was being claimed as being held in the studio considering I haven’t even finished building it.”

He went on to say that the studio is looking at providing services such as wedding photography, family and portfolio work using its green screen facilities, static sets and range of on-site photographers.

The studio will also boast commercial editing facilities, a graphic design and branding agency and up to six designers working at any given time, Mr McGuire said.

He added: “We have contacted the website and asked moderators to remove the posts.

“Sadly, with a public forum people have the ability to slur anyone with or without their knowledge and the damage can be done before you even know about it.”

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