Creative businesses given the chance to win a free spot at The Stable

The Stable creative hub.

The Stable creative hub. - Credit: Archant

Entrepreneurs are being given the chance to win a free residency at The Stable creative hub in Weston.

The Stable, which offers hot desking and co-working opportunities to people working in creative industries in North Somerset is running a Creative Soup event on August 20.

Ten people will have the chance to pitch their creative ideas to an audience, before a winner is chosen.

Jemma Coles, manager of The Stable in Wadham Street, said: "The Stable Creative Soup has a simple goal: to give people free residencies and support, so they can go and do that thing they always wanted to do.

"This will then have a knock-on effect and make North Somerset a better place to live, work and be.

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"We will bring together people who share a desire for a creative community.

"They get to meet people and share their ideas and their resources.

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"Connections are made, people feel empowered, and hopefully we instil some local pride."

The 10 contestants have four minutes to pitch their ideas - props are allowed, although Power Point is banned.

The audience is allowed to ask the candidate four questions related to their pitch.

Soup is then served and people are given time to mull over the ideas before voting on their favourite.

At the end of the night, the winners get a free residency at The Stable and support to put their ideas into action.

Jemma added: "The Stable was set up to support creative sector industries and that message has been lost a little bit, we want to make sure aa creatives feel welcome here and that we celebrate the rich and diverse community around us."

The stable is a community interest company run by volunteers and it has recently doubled in size enabling it to sponsor a number of creative start-ups.

As well as hot-desking, it also offers private offices, individual studios, meeting rooms and event space to those working in creative industries throughout North Somerset.

To take part in Creative Soup as a pitcher email

To be part of the audience, visit

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