Hot Topic: £100k bill for bandstand

Grove Park bandstand - photo submitted to

Grove Park bandstand - photo submitted to - Credit:

NEWS that Grove Park’s bandstand will need extensive repairwork, costing an estimated £100,000, has created a mixed reaction among readers.

The Mercury’s website, Twitter and Facebook pages have received dozens of comments with the majority saying the money should be found to get the Weston structure back up and running.

Damage to the cast iron roof means the Grade II-listed building needs more work done to it than originally envisaged and North Somerset Council is looking for other organisations to help pay for repairs.

Here is a sample of some of the best comments after the Mercury asked whether the money should be found to restore the bandstand:

? “Put it back to use. Repair it and let it out to up and coming bands on weekends, evenings and sunny days.” – Jodi Griffin.

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? “Someone needs to be held responsible for letting it get into such a state of disrepair. Surely it’s cheaper to look after it with periodic maintenance than let it almost fall down before lifting a finger? Sounds too familiar.” – Ricki Burrows.

? “Knock it down. The council gets very little from Osborne and chums as it is and most of that is being cut, the taxpayer can’t afford to be paying for novelty items like this. Is this what our parking fares are going towards?” – Shaun Underhay.

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? “How odd. The council can find £100k to pay someone to ‘save money’ but cannot find £100k to repair the bandstand.” – Keith.

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