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This 10,000-seater ice hockey arena could feature in a new £20million winter sports complex in Westo

This 10,000-seater ice hockey arena could feature in a new £20million winter sports complex in Weston. - Credit: Archant

TALK of a £20million winter sports complex being built in or around Weston has prompted a largely positive reaction from readers.

As previously reported in the Mercury, not-for-profit organisation Winter Sports World could build a 10,000-seater ice hockey arena in North Somerset.

Other attractions would include a public ice rink, ice-climbing wall, ski treadmills, two pools, a laser biathlon range and a speed skating track.

Positive discussions have already been held with North Somerset Council, and people behind the scheme say public reaction could be key to deciding whether the development comes to Weston or goes elsewhere, with Southampton and Portsmouth councils also courting them.

The good news for winter sports enthusiasts is that the early reaction seems encouraging, judging by comments on the Mercury’s website and Facebook page.

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? “Seems to be a brilliant concept to bring world class facilities to the town. Just hope that this time it is not a lot of hot air or should I amend this to cold air?” – Teddy.

? “It would never get built anyway just like the snowdome we were supposed to have. As others have said, would be better spent on an outdoor pool as that’s what Weston needs.” – Joanna Wilkins.

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? “If you build it, they will come.” – Maxine Collins.

? “Could really do with facilities to keep the kids occupied in the holidays and in all weathers.” – Sam Brown.

? “Would people even bother going to an ice hockey match? Weston isn’t exactly known for people supporting their local sports teams. Show some support to our existing sports teams and they’d probably be more competitive playing at a higher level than they do, yet so few give a stuff about them.” – Weston2010.

? “A fantastic idea and one I would love to see. Failure of other large-scale developments around Weston shouldn’t mean this one is doomed before it has really begun. If, and it is a big if, the finance comes together then it would be a wonderful facility for Weston, North Somerset and the South West which by and large is not blessed with top-quality sport.” – G-T.

? “Don’t you think it’s about time someone really built or opened something rather than just talk about this kind of thing every year we have the promise of something new but it never happens.” – Bradley Allen.

? “I like it a lot. We could start a new ice hockey team - the Weston Pigeons.” – Jack Trigg.

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