Indian restaurant goes ‘street’ with new menu

Mint and Mustard in Oxford Street.

Mint and Mustard in Oxford Street. - Credit: Archant

The taste of ‘authentic’ Indian street food has come to Weston after a restaurant revamped its menu.

Mint and Mustard in Oxford Street.

Mint and Mustard in Oxford Street. - Credit: Archant

Mint And Mustard opened in Oxford Street in 2014, serving up dishes from the Indian state of Kerala, which is in the south of the country.

After being open for just over a year, it was listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide.

The restaurant is now re-inventing itself as Mint And Mustard Indian Street Kitchen and is bringing the taste of Kerala street food to Weston.

Co-owner Ajit Kandoran said: “Indian street dining is all about relaxing, enjoying yourself, meeting friends – and eating great food – so it felt like a natural direction to take our restaurant in a town like Weston which has the same sense of fun.

“Mint and Mustard Indian Street Kitchen’s mission is to recreate all the best aspects of Indian street food in Weston, and we’ve selected some of the best and most exciting street food dishes from across India for the menu.”

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The new menu has been created by chef Santhosh Nair, who is from Kerala.

It includes the thalis dishes, which feature meat or fish, alongside a vegetarian dish, dal, raita, pickles, rice and naan bread on one plate, as well as an assortment of other street foods.

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Marketing manager Claire Sully said: “Mint And Mustard has gone street.

“It appeals to families and students and foodies.

“The food is all authentic dishes from Kerala, and the chef has innovated it and brought his own creativity to it.”

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