Landlady finally owns beloved community pub

Di Bradley now the official owner of the Nightjar pub.

Di Bradley now the official owner of the Nightjar pub. - Credit: Archant

THE Nightjar pub is known for its community feel, rallying for what matters and hosting countless events, but now the woman behind it all, Di Bradley, can finally call it her own after buying it.

Di Bradley is now the official owner of the Nightjar pub.

Di Bradley is now the official owner of the Nightjar pub. - Credit: Archant

Di pulled one of the first pints at the Nightjar in Mead Vale, Weston-super-Mare, when it opened on April 29, 1979.

Over the past three decades, Di has regularly worked within its walls, although it was not until 2003 that she took over as landlady.

But, despite that fact she was the face of the pub, it did not belong completely to Di – until September 28, when she finally took over from its previous owners, Hall and Woodhouse.

Di said: “Last September senior management came and told me they would not be renewing the lease, so I had a few words because I was not very happy.

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“I have got a lot of connections with this pub. I love it, and I did not want to lose it.

“I mean, my house is right opposite the pub, I made coffees for the blokes who built it.”

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So, before she even realised it, Di had offered to buy the place.

She said: “You know those moments when your mouth says something and your brain goes ‘oh my God what are you doing?’ I had one of those moments. It just happened, I hadn’t even thought about it, I hadn’t even considered buying it.

“Within a couple of days they said yes, make us an offer.

“It has taken from January this year until now (for the purchase to go through). I don’t think it’s sunk in yet.”

Di turned the Nightjar into a community pub more than a decade ago.

Her friendly spirit has seen her awarded a British Empire Medal for services to the local community, which meant she had the chance to meet the Queen. She was also given a prize from TV programme Noel’s Christmas Presents.

Fleurets was the company which negotiated the sale, and its divisional director Stuart Parsons said: “It was evident from my first visit that Di’s dedication to the Nightjar and the local community was such that any suggestion of her leaving would not be well received. As a consequence we set out to agree a sale directly to her.

“Without a doubt the Nightjar is a community pub and this is down to Di’s continued efforts over many years.”

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