Businessman launches two-in-one facemasks in support of MIND charity

Muzl two-in-one facemask

Muzl's two-in-one facemask double-up as a wrist wallet. - Credit: Anthony Higson

A Yatton salesman has launched a lockdown-inspired business venture in support of mental health charity, MIND - and is offering a Black Friday sale.

Anthony Higson launches his new website for his business Muzl on December 1, with 10 per cent of proceeds going to the MIND charity.

Anthony and his wife, Lou.

Anthony and his wife, Lou. - Credit: Anthony Higson

The company produces recyclable, waterproof, facemasks which double up as wrist wallets - a potential gap in the market Anthony was keen to address.

Mr Higson said: "I had noticed a gap in the market for two-in-one facemasks as I was shopping during the first lockdown. As I left the store and looked at my mask I thought about the idea of turning the air filters into pockets and wrapping it around my wrist - and that is what I have done.

Muzl branded facemask are offering a 20 per-cent discount for Black Friday orders. - Credit: Anthony Higson

"I am looking further than the current pandemic though. I believe after this the public will have a different view on facemasks and we will begin to adopt the same idea as some Asian countries by wearing them to avoid seasonal flu as well as the coronavirus."

After patenting the design, his thoughts soon turned to using the business as a means to aid mental health charities.

"I have struggled with chronic depression all my life and wanted the brand to work together with a charity that I have the utmost respect for, MIND. 

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"Every pre-order will receive a 20 per-cent discount at checkout - with 10 per-cent of that purchase price being donated to the charity."

As a salesman for 23 years, Anthony admitted he had learnt to put on a brave face - something he fears many others may have been doing throughout the pandemic period.

"We suffer in silence, men in particular. It can almost be seen as weak to admit you are struggling - but no one can find it easy to cope when isolation cuts your support network."

In aid of MIND

Ten per-cent of all Muzl sales will be donated to the mental health charity, MIND. - Credit: Anthony Higson

The businessman also revealed how he had embraced the outdoors during lockdown - a process he felt many may be able to relate to but could not admit themselves.

Mr Higson said: "I walk in the Mendip Hills - it is beautiful. I previously thought, and some men may still think, that you could not say to your friends down the pub 'do you know I sometimes enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning?'

"It might seem silly to some people, but submerging yourself in nature and appreciating the simple things can help clear your head.

Muzl is also open to including other businesses branding on its products alongside MIND charity.

To purchase a two-in-one Muzle facemask, log on to

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