Noisy nights for neighbours

THE first day of building work on a new petrol station brought with it a sleepless night for residents living nearby.

Construction started last week on the new retail facility at Sainsbury’s, off Queens Way in Worle.

The following day North Somerset Council officers received complaints from those living close to the site, saying that a generator could be heard all night and lights were left on.

Councillor Edward Keating, who covers South Worle, also received an email outlining the concerns.

He said council staff have been to the site to investigate residents’ concerns.

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Cllr Keating said: “I am disappointed Sainsbury’s hasallowed overnight noise and light to become an issue from the first day of building.

“The reason I did not want the petrol station built on this part of the Sainsbury’s car park was due to the impact it would have on neighbours.

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“Sainsbury’s took North Somerset Council to appeal to get permission to build there, claiming they would not be a nuisance neighbour, yet from the very first day on site the noise and light have been a problem.

“I dread to think how bad this situation will get when they actually open the petrol filling station.”

A number of residents protested against the plans originally due to concerns over light and noise, but lost out when it went to an appeal.

North Somerset Council officers went to the car park last week on the same day the complaint was received from residents.

The unitary authority says it has discussed the situation with the site manager. The security guard will now be provided with a torch and, by agreement, the fuse has been pulled on the lights so that they will not be used.

The floodlights are due to be replaced with low power lights which will be positioned at a height of 2m facing away from the houses.

An officer says a generator is required as there is no power source on site but the unit has been positioned to achieve least impact.

There was a loose panel on the houses side of the unit that was vibrating and creating a loud noise above that of the generator and that will be addressed immediately to reduce the overall impact of the noise.

Remote night vision security cameras are being provided to be positioned around the site.

These units are low power, do not need light and can be run off a small generator.

The Mercury tried to contact Sainsbury’s and contractor Williams Southern Ltd, but neither were available for comment before the Mercury went to press.

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