Seagulls move ‘into 21st century’ with new crest

The new Weston badge for the new season.

The new Weston badge for the new season. - Credit: Archant

Weston Football Club have unveiled their new logo after securing their league safety for next season.

From the start of the 2016-17 campaign, the club will adopt a three-tone badge designed by Weston-based Ketchup Communications which it said would ‘bring the club fully into the 21st century’.

The club’s current crest was adopted in 2012, before which it resembled the town’s coat of arms.

The badge will be emblazoned on all the club’s merchandise, kit and trainingwear from the start of next season.

Designers Ketchup said the prominent inclusion of a seagull head would give the badge a more ‘majestic and proud feel’, while the font used, named Gill Sans, was originally designed in Bristol.

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Weston’s commercial director Neil Keeling said the decision to alter the club’s badge for the second time in four years had ‘not been taken lightly, but Ketchup had been chosen to design a new logo after working closely with the club in other areas.

He said: “It seemed only right that Ketchup were integral in breathing new life into our club crest ready for a new season and a new generation of Seagulls.

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“This wasn’t a decision taken lightly.

“We are proud of our history and who we are; however, we are also aware that we need to bring the club fully into the 21st century.”

Steve Jackson of Ketchup said the commission ranked among the toughest jobs taken on by the company.

He said: “Designing this new crest was one of the toughest jobs we have undertaken to date. Football fans are passionate about their history and understandably aren’t too keen on ‘re-brands’.

“But we believe that what we have achieved here will confidently and proudly carry the Club towards its new future.”

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