‘Sole Mate’ sisters launch new business

A PAIR of entrepreneurial sisters from Worle have opened a foot spa with a fishy twist.

Lois, aged 22, and Hannah Miller, aged 20, are offering customers the chance to have their feet nibbled as part of an unusual pampering regime.

Sole Mates, in Palmer Street, was opened last week by the former Worle Community School pupils and offers customers a foot spa with Garra Rufa fish, which are imported from Singapore.

The fish have tiny toothless suction-cupped mouths that enable them to gently lift away the dead skin from feet.

Lois, of Summerlands Road, said: “We are very excited to be opening the first shop of its kind in Weston.

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“Everyone has been asking about it and people were making appointments before we were even open.

“We operate a strict hygiene policy to ensure that every client has a pleasant, memorable and hygienic experience.”

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Lois said that during the treatment the client will feel a ‘totally painless tingling sensation’ across their feet that will relax their entire body.

The fish only work on unhealthy skin that is already softened by the warm water in the tanks and the result is ‘silky smooth, soft and revitalised feet’.

Hannah, of Almond Close, said the idea originated hundreds of years ago in Turkey and has been popular in places like Thailand for years.

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