Top tips on business

A NEW Weston company has been launched and is set to give some top tips on business.

Spirit Business Training will be providing class-based courses and consultancy for small to medium companies and enterprises.

The one-day sessions will cover skills such as starting a new business, accounting, PR, marketing, sales, purchasing and operations.

Wendy Thorne, founder of Sprit Business Training, which is based in Merton Drive, Weston Village, said: “Most new businesses are built on a skill, passion or interest, but to achieve financial success, it’s important for entrepreneurs to also recognise their weaknesses and either build on these skills or bring new people into the business, perhaps as equity stakeholders if paying them a salary is not an option.

“However, essential skills such as understanding the difference between cost and price, how to put together a marketing mix and promotional mix and tackling tax returns can be easily and quickly learned and really help to bring overhead costs down.”

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