Imaginarium owner releases first issue of his own comic anthology series

The owner of Meadow Street comic shop, Imaginarium. Alan Holloway has written and released the first

The owner of Meadow Street comic shop, Imaginarium. Alan Holloway has written and released the first issue of anthology comic series, Sentinel. Picture: Gareth Newnham - Credit: Gareth Newnham

A Weston comic shop owner is celebrating the launch of his very own series this week.

Imaginarium owner Alan Holloway has written and launched a brand new comic anthology series called Sentinel.

Created with Irish artist Ed Doyle, Sentinel presents a different self contained tale in each 64-page issue similar to now defunct '80s British comic imprint Starblazer.

After writing a six-page prologue to gauge reaction to the idea and publishing it online, Holloway and Doyle took to popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter for funding and managed to raise the £700 they needed to make the strip a reality in fewer than eight hours.

By the end of the campaign 92 backers had pledged a total of £1,266 to the project.

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The first issue of Sentinel, Special Delivery, sees a down and out space courier take on a mysterious delivery for a powerful client, and hilarity ensues.

Holloway, who has run the Meadow Street store for three years, said: "It is frequently daft and it's a comic straight from the days when comics were for all ages, unless kicks to the nuts offend you.

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"It is not so much Iain M Banks and more Harry Harrison.

"We're determined to vary the style each time. The second issue, Misty Moore, is going to be an homage to the girls comics of the '70s and '80s but with a much more serious, dark horror tone.

"Then we have got a classic fantast story with dragons planned for issue three."

Holloway and Doyle have previously worked on popular 2000AD fanzines Sector 13, The Zarjaz and Dogbreath.

They also produce a weekly online strip called The Whole Twoth based on the long running comic anthology's characters.

However, Sentinal is the duo's first original work.

Holloway said: "I had never written a comic over six pages long before. Ed came up with the idea of a 64-page digest size comic and we just sort of ran with it."

Although the two have never met in person the pair say they work well together regardless.

Doyle said the book was born from the fond memories he had of getting his copy of Starblazer every month when he was a 'young lad'.

He said: "I'm very proud of this but it wouldn't have been possible if there wasn't a story, and that's all down to Alan."

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