Weston-super-Mare pub future in doubt as owners consider selling up after failed conversion

Campaigners outside the Bristol House

Campaigners outside the Bristol House - Credit: Archant

Regulars at a Weston-super-Mare pub may have been toasting a victory when plans for a supermarket conversion were torn up by North Somerset Council, but comments from the site owner in the wake of the verdict suggest people could still be savouring their final pint at the watering hole in the near future.

Plans to convert the Bristol House, in Milton Road, into a Co-operative convenience store were quashed by the council earlier this month, which has sent owner Enterprise Inns back to the drawing board.

A company spokesman told the Mercury: “Unfortunately this decision again brings into doubt the future of the Bristol House and we are reviewing options for the site which include the potential sale of the freehold.

“If this is the option we choose to pursue then we would be happy for the local community group to tender a bid to purchase the pub.

“However, as they were given the opportunity to register an interest previously but failed to do so in the required timescale, we can only assume they do not have the financial means to buy the freehold.”

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Mark Thyer, of the Save The Bristol House Campaign, responded to the comments. He said: “We would welcome a sale to anybody interested in running the pub as a pub.

“But if Enterprise would look again, it would see that the reason for falling-off sales was due to lack of investment by them, the owners.

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“With a little investment and the backing of the community and pub regulars – who would all give a hand with helping any renovation – the pub would attract new customers and would become a viable pub again.

“The pub is in the right place with plenty of opportunities but who wants to enter a place that has not seen a coat of paint for 30 years?

“If we had the relevant figures, then maybe a buyout by the community could be arranged.

“I must stress though the feeling from the community is that the pub should be run by professionals not an amateur community group. That is our favoured option but we will do anything to keep the pub running.”

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