Call for less talk and more action from leaders

OVERGROWN alleyways, street litter and antisocial behaviour – residents on one Weston estate say they are ‘sick’ of making the same complaints every month.

People living in the Oldmixon say they are fed up of raising the same problems with community leaders and have called for immediate action and less talking.

It follows a meeting of Oldmixon Residents’ Association when Christine Poyser, of Aller, and three residents walked out.

Outside her house last Thursday, she pointed the Mercury toward rubbish in the grass, vandalism in Aller Parade and damaged garages behind the area’s shops.

She claimed the authorities, such as NSHousing and North Somerset Council, are failing to deal with the issues quickly enough, despite them being raised at every association meeting.

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She said: “I don’t see the point in going to the meetings if we raise the issues every time and nothing ever gets sorted permanently.

“Sure, they will send someone out once, but then the problem comes back a month later and we have to ask again to get it sorted.

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“The whole thing has become frankly boring and I’m sick of hearing the same issues raised at each meeting.”

Association meetings are held to give people a chance to report issues to police, council and housing association representatives.

Last month, an initiative was launched in response to a build-up of mess around some parts of the estate.

Street Pride is supposed to give residents an easy way of reporting issues and allow them to get involved in clearing up the area.

An NSHousing spokesman said: “Clearly, if a repair needs to be done or an issue dealt with that we are responsible for then we should be doing it.” He added that the housing association’s community warden and resident involvement officer had met people on the estate to resolve issues raised at association meetings.

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