Call to 'have a say' on the future of Britain

A WESTON pensioner is calling on residents to have their say on the future of their country. Weston Senior Citizens' Forum chairman Ken

A WESTON pensioner is calling on residents to have their say on the future of their country.Weston Senior Citizens' Forum chairman Ken Lacey wants members of his group to help decide whether Britain should sign up to a new European Union (EU) agreement.Last month proposals for a new 'Reform Treaty' were drawn up to replace the now defunct EU constitution.Most countries plan to approve it through their parliaments but some may still hold a referendum.Mr Lacey said: "This is a major issue for our country."We have already seen how European legislation has affected our lives in both positive and negative ways."For the future of our country and our children we must have a referendum. Or are we democratic in name only?"I believe in our sovereignty, monarch, traditions and democracy."Details of the treaty are still in the process of being debated and could change. It is expected the proposals will be finalised into an official treaty later this year and is expected to come into effect in 2009 if successful.Mr Lacey plans to take all the voting slips to 10 Downing Street in October when he has collected them all together.Members of the pensioners' forum will get a form with their newsletter, which will be distributed at the end of this month.The slips can be picked up and returned to the Weston & Somerset Mercury's offices in Warterloo Street, Weston.

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