Can you give these dogs a home?

PUBLISHED: 12:30 10 August 2014




THE holiday season is with us and the warmer weather is a treat for most people, but it can mean an increase in lost and stray animals.

North Somerset Council’s dog wardens have reported a huge increase of stray dogs found in the past three weeks.

This summer spike may be because owners are booking cheap holidays last minute and can’t afford or find a space in kennels.

Because of the hot weather, often the dogs are suffering from dehydration and are malnourished when they are found.

North Somerset is currently looking after 22 strays at its compound and is desperate for members of the public to adopt them as they are at capacity.

The dog wardens will return pets for free if they are able to contact the owners within 30 minutes of finding the animal.

If the dog hasn’t got a collar or microchip, or the owners can’t be contacted, the wardens look after the dog for up to seven days at kennels.

If the dog isn’t claimed in seven days, it will be signed over to the RSPCA for re-homing, as long as it is suitable.

Healthy dogs are never put down unless they present a danger to the public, but this means there are now lots of pets looking for homes.

If you are interested in meeting any of these dogs or hoping to give one a home, contact Whitehouse Kennels manager Jerry King on 01934 750352. Click on the gallery link in the top right hand corner to view pictures of the pups.

- Prince is a young to middle-aged male Staffordshire bull terrier. He is friendly but is wary of some other male dogs.

- Wyley is a middle-aged brindle and white Staffordshire bull terrier who is very well behaved and very friendly.

- Buster is a Patterdale and Jack Russell terrier cross, who is seven years old. He is not good with children but very sociable with adults.

- Hellas is a happy young female boxer cross.

- Star is a young and very good-looking Staffordshire bull terrier female, who is very energetic and would need lots of play time.

- Romeo is a very handsome saluki male. He is very gentle but very nervous, and so would suit a quiet and affectionate household.

- Archie is a three-year-old shih tzu male, who will soon be going to the Blue Cross.

- Holly is an 18-month-old lurcher. She is a lovely girl and is very sociable and happy. She is with Molly, another 18-month-old lurcher with a similarly sweet temperament. These two need to find a home together.

- Bonzo is a lovely Jack Russell terrier who is very loyal and loving but is wary of strangers and needs his confidence boosted. He is about three years old.

- Bradley is a very happy brindle-coloured Staffordshire bull terrier, and is very small for his breed. He is very friendly.

- Flippy is a female chesnut-coloured Staffordshire bull terrier puppy who is really playful and friendly. She loves being around children so would suit a young family and needs lots of play time.

- Roo is a really handsome and confident male German shepherd and collie cross.

- Echo is older than the other rescue dogs and so is very quiet. She is a border collie and is very gentle and well-behaved, so would suit a quiet home where she could retire in peace.

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