Crews rescue car from sea in Weston

Car in sea in Weston

The car was engulfed by the high tide in Weston last night. - Credit: Will Temple

Rescue crews pulled a car out of the sea in Weston last night (Wednesday) after it became engulfed by the tide.

Crews from RNLI Weston were out on an exercise when they were called out to help with the incident at 8pm.

The owner had lost her car keys and was unable to access the vehicle to drive it out of the water.

Crews from RNLI Weston helped to pull a car out of the sea in Weston.

Crews from RNLI Weston helped to pull a car out of the sea in Weston. - Credit: Will Temple

A spokesman for RNLI Weston said: "As it couldn't be moved as the hand brake was on, we informed the owner that to access the vehicle we would need to break a window to release it. So with the owner's permission, we gained access and released the handbrake.

"We then assisted the seafront rangers with a tow line to their truck to pull the vehicle above the tide line."

People are being urged not to park past warning signs on the beach. 

The spokesman said: "The tide always come in quickly at Weston, but we are currently experiencing high spring tides so you can very quickly become caught out. so our advice is to always follow the safety signs, know the tide times and move your car above the high-water line in plenty of time in case of any unplanned issues."