Carnival could be lost warns worried MP

NORTH Somerset Council may have caused the annual carnival to disappear from Weston - according to the town's MP

NORTH Somerset Council may have caused the annual carnival to disappear from Weston - according to the town's MP.Plans for a new law to ban pedlars from Weston's streets had to be submitted and then put before Parliament before November 27, but time has run out.Campaigners said the new law would mean money being taken from pedlars and put towards meeting running costs of the event.If the new law had been introduced it would have meant next year's pedlars would have to get the permission of North Somerset Council before they could sell their goods. Mr Penrose says because the new law would take the form of a private bill it is up to the local authority to process it through Parliament, and no action seems to have been taken.He said: "By doing nothing the council is letting the carnival disappear by default. This will therefore have implications for traders and a knock-on effect for events like T4 on the Beach."This latest piece of news is a blow for the Weston Carnival Committee, which says the money the street vendors pocket each year is bringing the annual event into disrepute and eating into its profits.Carnival committee chairman Brian Coombs has been campaigning to introduce the new act.North Somerset Council leader Roz Willis had called an extra special meeting for November 23 to discuss the new law but has had to shelve it because of the latest developments.Cllr Willis said: "We need to stop street pedlars at certain events so I am still going to have a high level meeting to discuss other ways around the problem. There is no way Weston Carnival will go. I'm on a mission."A North Somerset Council spokesman said: "Under the Local Government Act 1972 a local bill can be introduced, but there must be 30 days' public notice of a meeting of the council which resolves to promote a bill. "As the parliamentary deadline for local bills for this session is November 27 it will not be possible for the deadline to be met. A report will be put to the council outlining the issue of street pedlars for the members to consider before next year's deadline. This legislation would cost the council in the region of £45,000 to introduce.