Charity ball raises thousands for Cancer Research

Eve Lauder addressed guests at the charity ball held in the Grand Pier. 

Eve Lauder is a rare sufferer of Goblet Cell. - Credit: Dean Ward Photography

A charity ball organised by a cancer sufferer has raised thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK.

The Grand Pier hosted the event on November 20, where 400 guests suited-up in black tie for dinner, live music and a charity auction.

Eve Lauder has been fundraising for Cancer Research since she was diagnosed with Goblet Cell last year, saying she felt 'blessed' with the outpouring of support.

After the event she said: "Thank you so much to everybody who made this happen for me I felt so special, so alive, so happy, so loved - words can’t describe all my feelings."

Eve Lauder addressed guests at the charity ball held in the Grand Pier.

Eve is seen addressing guests at the charity ball held in the Grand Pier. - Credit: Dean Ward Photography

Eve, a police officer from Milton, was told she had 12 months to live when she was diagnosed with the rare disease where only one in two million people will suffer from it. She is now receiving end of life care.

Eve told the Mercury: "I've been a police constable for 21 years, so it came as a surprise when I was diagnosed because I was fit and healthy.

"I lived positively before the cancer and I live positively now, that's why I've been doing my best to help other cancer patients.

Eve is pictured smiling on stage with her daughter, Tiah. 

Eve is pictured smiling on stage with her daughter, Tiah. - Credit: Tiah Lauder

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"People have helped me make care packages for chemotherapy patients in the hospital, with bits inside that I knew I needed when I went through the same treatment. Special sun cream, lip balm, tea bags, mints and tissues, things like that.

"I recently visited the hospital to give 40 packages in tote bags to patients in oncology, and made cards with little poems in.

"Since February, we've raised more than £25,000 for Cancer Research - it's been brilliant."

Eve said she has plans to make the ball an annual event after the huge unexpected support she received. She would also like to organise a drag queen night for oncology.

Guests were seen singing together and dancing, where Eve performed her 'famous caterpillar moves'.  

More than £7,000 was raised for the charity. Also attending was Weston mayor James Clayton. 

Eve added: "I live positive and everyday I make positive memories.

"I couldn’t have asked for better family and friends - I am the luckiest person ever."

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