Couple delighted after lottery win

Paul and Renate O'Donnell won £1,000 in the CHSW lottery.

Paul and Renate O'Donnell won £1,000 in the CHSW lottery. - Credit: Archant

A couple ‘couldn’t believe’ their luck after winning a children’s charity weekly lottery.

Paul and Renate O’Donnell won Children’s Hospice South West’s (CHSW) weekly lottery, scooping the £1,000 prize.

The pair, who run the business Wood ‘n’ Things and frequently host events to support CHSW, bought a ticket for the lottery after visiting one of the charity’s shop.

Renate said: “We thought nothing of it and went home. The following week we had a call from the manager. She said a winning ticket had been bought from the shop but remained unclaimed.”

Paul added: “I looked everywhere for the ticket – I even looked through the bins, but couldn’t find it. I resigned myself to the fact that it probably wasn’t our ticket which won anyway.

“Then I walked into the lounge and there, on the top of Renate’s knitting basket, was the ticket. It was the one. We couldn’t believe it.”