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COUPLES who are planning to tie the knot can now get tips on how have great sex as well as deal with the in-laws. A marriage preparation course, the first of

COUPLES who are planning to tie the knot can now get tips on how have great sex as well as deal with the in-laws.A marriage preparation course, the first of its kind in North Somerset, is for engaged couples and will be running for five weeks at St Peter's Church in Milton. Kevin and Mandy Wood, from St Paul's Church, Walliscote Road, will be leading the talks and getting couples to discuss subjects including the importance of commitment, how to make each other feel loved, how conflicts should be resolved and how to develop a fulfilling sexual relationship.Kevin and Mandy, who have been married for 23 years and have two children, have been running enrichment courses for married couples for years but decided to start up a course for people preparing to take their vows.Studies in America, Germany and Australia have shown that marriage courses have contributed to a reduction in the divorce rate and many churches in Weston are backing the scheme to encourage couples to be fully prepared for their life together.Mandy said: "You can learn to drive a car and play the piano, so why not lessons for marriage? We believe the course equips couples with the tools they need to build a strong marriage that lasts a lifetime."People tend to concentrate on their wedding day, rather than married life, and the course allows the couple to think about things that perhaps they wouldn't have thought about before."The sessions are based on a national course which was written by a couple from Holy Trinity Brompton in London and is run throughout the country.Couples do not have to go to church to attend the course and it is also open to people marrying in civil services.Kevin said: "It is very helpful. It's about getting couples to talk to each other about a range of subjects including finances, what roles might be expected of them and how they might deal with the in-laws."We raise the topics and then each person talks about it with their partner, we just facilitate the conversation and guide them in the right direction."Couples can also opt to complete a questionnaire individually and go through the answers with a married couple to talk through any issues raised and see if they are compatible.The course starts on February 23 at 7.30pm. Each couple will be treated to a candlelit meal while they listen to talks on marriage, before discussing any issues raised.Sessions cost £5 per person. To book a place or to find out more call Kevin and Mandy on 01934 621701.

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