'Close home for young homeless'

A GRANDFATHER-OF-TWO wants a shared home for young people in Nailsea to be closed down

A GRANDFATHER-OF-TWO wants a shared home for young people in Nailsea to be closed down.Michael Naylor, a former postman, has lived in Milton Close for more than two decades but says that in the last three years, living in the cul-de-sac has been 'hell'.The 62-year-old claims that youngsters living in what he calls 'a hostel' in his street, which is run by the Elim Housing Association, are making their neighbours' lives a misery.Mr Naylor says the young people living in the property are holding noisy parties until 3 or 4am and parking and repairing cars on a grassy area where children play.He claims he has also heard residents of the 'hostel' ask children to move out of the way so vehicles can be parked on the pavement.In addition, Mr Naylor has a suggestion about where North Somerset Council should site the emergency accommodation for homeless young people which it plans to build in the north of the district.Mr Naylor said: "I would like Elim Housing Association to hold a meeting so residents can voice their concerns."The hostel used to be a family home which it still should be."I'm thinking about starting up a petition calling for its closure."I suggest North Somerset Council buys empty houses in streets where district councillors live and turns them into hostels so the councillors can see and hear what we have to put up with."Barbara Reid, Elim Housing Association's director of housing services, said: "Elim Housing Association takes seriously any complaint it receives regarding the services and homes we provide."We take action on all complaints, but the level of action is affected by the amount of evidence we have."We therefore ask neighbours to work with us to gather information about the time, date and type of incident, and also to contact the local authority's environmental health noise nuisance team."I understand neighbours have been reluctant to help with this."A spokesman for North Somerset Council said: "We're always open suggestions from the community about possible locations for emergency housing.