Council poo poos teenager's business enterprise

A 13-YEAR-OLD entrepreneur from Cheddar has raised more than £2,000 by selling poo over the internet. Steve Sayer

A 13-YEAR-OLD entrepreneur from Cheddar has raised more than £2,000 by selling poo over the internet.Steve Sayer, of Labourham Drove, began bagging up horse manure from his dad's livery yard, Petruth Paddocks, three years ago and delivering it to customers all over Somerset with the help of his parents Julian and Sandra.He has raised enough money to buy himself two cars, which he takes banger racing at the Mendip Raceway in Shipham.But the youngster, who attends Fairlands Middle School in Cheddar, has just been told he has to take down a sign in a field near his home, which advertises his business.Sedgemoor District Council has given Steve 14 days to remove it, but the young businessman fears his trade will suffer.His dad Julian said: "He's done really well and as a reward we matched every pound he earned to help him buy a car. It's better than working at a supermarket. It takes an hour to fill 40 bags and we sell them for about £2.50 each, which means he earns about £60 an hour."It's a great business and it was his idea to set it up. But we've now had a call from the planning department to say we have to remove the sign by the side of the road."It is a very attractive sign and it's mounted on a hayrack. It's been there for nine months and it's not causing any harm."The sign which advertises 'Steve's horse manure with wiggly worms' also boasts a picture of the youngster holding a pitch fork.However, Cheddar Parish Council has complained to Sedgemoor District Council about the 'garish' advertisement, leaving the district council with no choice but to act.A letter written to the planning department by the council reads: "Cheddar Parish Council has decided that the area regarded as Labourham Farm, which is residential on one side and industrial on the other, is becoming a collection of garish advertising signs in what is the main gateway to Cheddar village. "It needs to be stopped before the situation gets worse."A Sedgemoor District Council spokesman confirmed that due to complaints about advertising in the area, a number of businesses had been told to remove their signs from the field.Cheddar parish councillor and district councillor Jeff Savage said: "Illegal signage is an ongoing problem and it clutters up the area. "Sedgemoor District Council is taking a much stronger stance on it.

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