Council encourages people to be considerate to neighbours

People are being encouraged to be considerate to neighbours during the lockdown.

People are being encouraged to be considerate to neighbours during the lockdown. - Credit: Archant

People are being urged to be more considerate to their neighbours during the lockdown.

As people attempt to cope with the unfamiliar and stressful times we are living in, North Somerset Council is asking householders to consider the impact of their actions on those who live around them.

Loud music and bonfires are just some of the activities which could be a nuisance to neighbours.

Cllr Donald Davies, the leader of North Somerset Council said our quality of life at home is especially important in these challenging times.

He said: “Most of us are spending all our time at home following the Government guidelines and I would like to thank residents for the part they are playing in preventing the spread of this dreadful virus.

“We want to ensure that everyone can enjoy their home without disruption from those living nearby.

“The message is simple – please be considerate, kind and put others first. This will help us all feel safe and happier at home in these uncertain times.”

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In order to help residents, North Somerset Council is asking households to follow some simple guidelines to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy their living environment.

Please do:

n Keep your music and/or TV at an acceptable volume.

n Be aware of doors banging/slamming inside your home.

n Ensure your waste/recycling is stored securely to prevent vermin and flies.

n Keep dogs under control when out, pick up after them and try to keep them quiet when they are at home.

n Keep in contact with your neighbours by phone, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, face time and skype, particularly if they are vulnerable or live alone.

n Keep your dogs under control when out, preferably on a lead. This will also assist with the social distancing guidelines.

n Put kitchen roll in the bin instead of down the toilet to prevent blockages.

n Make sure car and house alarms are fixed quickly and maintained regularly to prevent them going off and disturbing neighbours.

n Recycle or compost waste instead of burning it as the smoke can be harmful to vulnerable residents and effect their breathing.

n Avoid lighting a wood burner if possible.