Councillor's 'rude' outburst

UNSUPPORTIVE, belligerent and rude were the words used by a North Somerset councillor who threatened legal action against a parish councillor

UNSUPPORTIVE, belligerent and rude were the words used by a North Somerset councillor who threatened legal action against a parish councillor. Cllr Liz Wells launched a verbal attack on Churchill parish councillor Alan Brown at a meeting for saying she 'has done less than serve us well'.Causes of the spat between the two include a mobile phone mast, which was given planning permission in the village at a meeting chaired by Cllr Wells, and her exclusion from Blagdon Parish Council until November.The latter was announced by Cllr Brown in her absence at a previous parish meeting. The decision to bar Cllr Wells centred on claims in Conservative Party leaflets handed out in the village before the local election which said she raised significant funds for a play area in Blagdon. She denies writing the flyer. Churchill Parish Council had originally recommended refusal of a proposed T-mobile phone mast in Bath Road, but its decision was not received by the local authority for reasons unknown and consequently its views were not taken into consideration.On Monday Cllr Wells defended the decision saying she was powerless to stop it.She said: "It seems quite apparent there has been and still is an underlying current of animosity towards me. "Since my time in office I have found you Alan to be unsupportive, belligerent and at times extremely rude in your manner without cause or purpose."Should behaviour of this nature continue you will leave me no course of action but to seek advice from legal counsel."Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Brown said: "In instances where I feel that decisions made are not in the best interests of parishioners, I consider that it is the duty of parish councillors to ask our district councillor to justify the decision. "Where this justification is in our view inadequate, are we not entitled to express our dissatisfaction?"If Cllr Wells objects to my questioning her when decisions have, in my opinion, not been in the best interests of the parish, why did she not speak to me personally? We live in the same village."With regard to mentioning the ban imposed on Cllr Wells by another Parish Council, members of three different parish councils spoke to me about this before our June meeting, and some of my colleagues were also aware of this ban before the meeting."I was surprised that she took the opportunity of a meeting, at which she was an invited guest, to make a personal attack on me, and threaten me with seeking "legal advice".

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