Councillors warn of 'bad bend' danger

VILLAGE leaders in Wedmore say it is only a matter of time before someone is killed in a car crash.

VILLAGE leaders in Wedmore say it is 'only a matter of time' before someone is killed in a car crash.

Parish councillors say a hedge on the corner of Cheddar Road is blocking drivers' views and it would only take a car overtaking parked vehicles in The Borough to cause a serious accident.

Concerns were also raised about road markings on the corner, which councillors said were not very clear and often led people to believe they should carry on driving in a straight line down Manor Lane.

Cllr Jessica Healey said: "The hedge means you cannot see around the corner so people over taking parked cars could find themselves hitting a car coming from Cheddar.

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"A hedge being allowed to grow there is the worst thing that ever happened to Wedmore."

Parish councillors speaking at a full council meeting last week said this was yet another reason why people should park in the new car park in Cheddar Road instead of cluttering the village and causing traffic problems.

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The controversial £200,000 car park was built in April 2006. But after it was opened, residents complained about the brightness of the overhead lights and the small number of motorists using it.

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