Couple blame marriage split on policeman's shame

THE stress of the last six months has led to divorce for the father of a former policeman. Mike Lumber, aged 56, received his final divorce

THE stress of the last six months has led to divorce for the father of a former policeman.Mike Lumber, aged 56, received his final divorce papers from his wife of 20 years, Molly, two weeks ago and he blames the backlash from the incident his son was involved in last year for the breakdown of his marriage.Mike's son, Darren Lumber, was sacked from the police force last year after what Chief Constable Steve Mortimer described as 'disgraceful' behaviour.In an exclusive interview with the Mercury a woman described how Lumber, aged 35, approached her and her marine friend Tom to ask them to move to a quiet location so he could join in with their sex games.Lumber had allegedly been called out that evening to investigate reports of dogging, the act of watching people have sex in public, in the National Trust owned car park in Sand Bay.Mike said: "There have been lots of arguments between Molly and I and it all began six months ago."My wife bore the brunt of everything and she took it to heart."I am still hoping we will sort things out but I received my final divorce papers on March 22."Molly initiated the divorce and I was shocked when it came through."Darren's stepmum, Molly, aged 64, is still living with Mike in the hope they can repair their marriage.She added: "This is all because of my stepson. Darren has helped to drive me and my husband apart."I have been getting grief from people in the street and my neighbours do not bother with me. Someone even came up to me in the hairdressers."My own kids have also had grief, all five of them. "Now I need the council to move me because I can't take any more of the c**p that is being thrown at me."Several times I have been forced to ring the police and the council because of the problems."I have even asked Mike if we can change our name."I have lost my marriage and my dignity and so I have nothing to lose by saying this. "I stuck up for Darren because I am a mother."If he had come round to see us and looked me in the eye and said 'I'm innocent' fair enough."But if he was innocent he would have fought to the bitter end."Lumber dropped his appeal against his dismissal last week.Last week Molly Lumber told the Mercury that former Wyvern Community School pupil Darren is being forced to flee the area and live in Yorkshire.But the Weston & Somerset Mercury believes he has been living with his wife and children in Elm Tree Road, Locking.A neighbour in the village confirmed to the paper that she has seen Mr Lumber with his wife and two children at a house in the street recently.

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