Weston childminder accused of neglect defended by colleagues and parents

Bristol Crown Court.

Bristol Crown Court. - Credit: Archant

An experienced childminder from Weston accused of neglect has been defended by colleagues, and parents of children in her care who described her as ‘kind, caring, nurturing, patient and trustworthy’.

Sasha Scott is accused of mistreating and hurting a young girl in her care and is on trial at Bristol Crown Court.

The 30-year-old, of Milton Park Road, has pleaded not guilty to one count of neglect of a child under the age of 13.

Bruises and scratches were discovered on a girl's arms and back by the alleged victim's mother after the youngster had been in Scott's care. Scott is accused of being responsible for the injuries.

A prosecution witness told the court last week the girl had screamed and sobbed when in Scott's care on the day in question.In her closing statement today (Monday), Nikki Coombs, defending said Scott was of 'impeccable character, and had received character statements from 10 witnesses.

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She said: "She has many character witnesses, some even took the time to come to court to testify, and a large number of them gave character references as agreed evidence.

"These are all people who have known her for a long time and have spoken really highly of her.

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"Some of the parents of the other children she was caring for on the day have given statements, calling her kind caring, nurturing, patient and trustworthy"

Ms Coombs also said Scott's business partner had been approached by the prosecution to testify against her but had abandoned this line of inquiry because she had spoken so highly of her.

The court also heard how Scott had received very good Ofsted reports throughout her 10-year career, which saw her work in a nursery and then become a childminder.

Ms Coombs said: "It was suggested by the prosecution in cross examination that she lost her heart or her heart was not in it, she was disillusioned and changed her usual behaviour.

"The fact she was giving up childminding does not mean she was going to go from a loving dedicated child minder who chose this job because she loves caring for children, to go 'I give up, I will just assault one of these children I'm giving it up next week anyway.

"It is preposterous, this allegation doesn't stack up."

The trial continues.

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