Weston man denies attempted rape of woman

Benjamin Hayes is on trial at Bristol Crown Court

Benjamin Hayes is on trial at Bristol Crown Court - Credit: Archant

A Weston man has denied attempting to rape a woman who told him no dozens of times, a court has heard.

Benjamin Hayes, aged 31 and of Haywood Village, has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault and attempted rape. His trial began yesterday (Monday) at Bristol Crown Court.

The alleged incident took place on July 18, 2018 - with Hayes accused of 'manhandling' and 'straddling' a woman, before trying to kiss in an intimate area and 'dry humping' the woman while she was pinned to a bed.

Jurors were shown a video of the incident, which was recorded on a security camera.

During the video, the complainant was heard to say 'no' dozens of times, urging the defendant to 'go away' as he 'bluntly' asked to engage in intercourse.

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Charles Thomas, prosecuting, told jurors Hayes 'wanted to have sex with her' despite her repeated refusal.

Mr Thomas said: "He gave her a bear hug and manhandled her into the spare room. What happened in that room was recorded.

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"Hayes pushes the complainant onto the bed, straddles her and tries to kiss her. She's struggling, saying throughout 'Ben, stop. I've got to go to work'.

"But it carries on and the defendant continues to say 'let's have sex, this is the perfect chance'.

"As she pushed him off he then pulled her pyjamas down and made an attempt to kiss her in the area of her vagina."

Hayes is alleged to have then pulled down his trousers and said 'am I big enough for you?' in reference to his penis.

He is then alleged to have 'dry humped' the woman while still wearing boxer shorts, stopping after around 10 seconds and leaving the property.

The woman then went to work, but broke down in tears when she arrived and reported the incident to police.

The trial continues today (Tuesday), and is due to be completed by the weekend.

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