Bomb-maker jailed after building explosives in shed

A BOMB-MAKER has been jailed for two years this afternoon after admitting building explosives in his shed.

Phillip Leonard, aged 36, was sentenced at Taunton Crown Court after admitting four charges of making explosive devices earlier this year.

Residents of Beatty Way in Burnham were evacuated on January 20 as police officers

set up a 100m cordon safety around the home Leonard was staying in, while bomb disposal experts defused the explosives.

Chief Superintendent Damion Tilley said: “This was a serious incident which caused significant disruption to the local community. While there was no malicious intent in Leonard’s actions he must accept that he put the safety of his own family, his neighbours and the responding public services at risk and caused local residents to leave their homes for more than twelve hours.

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“People need to realise that chemicals are dangerous and are not simply something which can be played with out of boredom, curiosity or even worse with the intent to cause harm to others. Public safety will always be our main concern and we will put in place an appropriate response.

“I hope that the police response on this occasion shows we take incidents such as these seriously and deters others from experimenting with dangerous substances.”

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Leonard was sentenced to two years in prison for all four charges and will serve them concurrently.

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