Man ‘physically attacked’ dog after it emptied food from fridge on to floor

Thesesus was subjected to a 'physical attack', the RSPCA said. Picture: RSPCA

Thesesus was subjected to a 'physical attack', the RSPCA said. Picture: RSPCA - Credit: RSPCA

An angry dog owner ‘physically attacked’ his pet after getting home to find it had emptied the contents of his fridge and washing machine and dumped items on the floor.

Brad Skipp, who lives in Weston-super-Mare, was banned from keeping animals by a court order, following a request by the RSPCA.

Thesesus, Skipp's cane corso, was heard on a recording yelping and whimpering while being hit.

Skipp was told at Bath Magistrates Court he would be banned from keeping pets for 10 years.

Concerns were raised against Skipp's treatment of Thesesus while the pair lived in Radstock, between May 2018 and April of this year.

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RSPCA inspector Miranda Albinson, who investigated the matter for the animal welfare charity, said: "A taped recording was made of Skipp, and in the recording Theseus can be heard yelping and screaming throughout, and thudding can be heard as though the dog is being subjected to a physical attack."

Skipp, who lives in Shrubbery Avenue, denied using his fist to strike his dog.

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He told the court 'slapped' Thesesus on the rear and denied physically harming the animal.

He did admit though to shouting at his dog on the day of the recording - April 19 - because he got back to his home to find Thesesus had emptied the fridge, a cupboard and washing machine all over the floor.

Magistrates convicted Skipp of causing unnecessary suffering at the hearing held on September 23.

Skipp, aged 30, was told he cannot appeal to overturn his decade-long animal banning order for five years.

He was also handed a 10-week curfew by magistrates, meaning he must remain at his Weston home from 7pm-6am every day.

He received a £750 fine and ordered to pay an £85 victim surcharge.

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