Couple punished after violent spree

A YOUNG couple have been punished after embarking on a violent, drunken rampage around Worle with their three-year-old daughter in tow.

Magistrates at North Somerset Courthouse heard this week how the spree had begun on April 24 after the 23-year-old male randomly attacked a passer-by on Tavistock Road.

The victim was chased to his doorstep and beaten up, and when neighbours tried to stop the attack they too were assaulted by the couple.

The boyfriend has already served a 12-week jail sentence after an early guilty plea to two assault charges, but his partner, also 23, escaped prison with a curfew order as she is heavily pregnant.

The court heard the pair, who the Mercury cannot name to protect their child, were in Tavistock Road with their daughter at 10.40pm after drinking a large quantity of alcohol.

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A man walked past speaking on his mobile phone, but the boyfriend mistook him to be making a comment about his girlfriend, and punched him several times in the head.

The victim escaped and made it to his front door, but the couple again caught up with him and subjected him to several punches.

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At this point the victim’s next-door neighbours came out and tried to tell the assailants to stop their attack, but one of them was also subjected to a barrage of punches and kicks.

A female neighbour from across the road had tried to calm the situation, but she received a punch to the back of the head from the female as she turned to go back into her house. Her husband was called ‘a paedophile’ as he tried to step in.

The court heard that throughout the assaults the couple’s daughter, who was dressed in a pink fairy outfit, was never more than a couple of feet away.

At around 11pm, the female defendant had gone to another home and knocked on the back patio door.

When one of the residents had come out, she started shouting abuse at him saying that he had ‘grassed up’ her cousin to the police and that his cousin was a ‘crackhead’.

The man, who did not know his assailant, tried to shut the door, but during a tussle with the woman she slammed one of her hands in the door, and then pulled it off its hinges, breaking it. She punched him three times before leaving.

She entered a late guilty plea to five charges of assault, one of criminal damage and one of being drunk in charge of a child under the age of seven, and was handed a five-month curfew order forbidding her from leaving her home between 7pm and 7am, and ordered to pay �250 in costs.

The boyfriend was also handed a five-month curfew order having also made a late guilty plea to being drunk in charge of the child.

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