Court fine for fly tipping offences

A BOX of pills labelled with a name and address in a pile of rubbish led to the conviction of a fly tipper.

A BOX of pills labelled with a name and address in a pile of rubbish led to the conviction of a fly tipper.

Brian Warburton was found guilty of the offence after the rubbish was found on a path near Bristol International Airport.

Warburton, aged 61, was given a fine after a trial at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges last week.

On December 13, 2008 a farmer had been driving along Cooks Bridle Path near the airport when he spotted a Ford pick-up truck with a trailer of rubbish driving towards him.

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About 10 minutes later, when returning along the same road, the farmer noticed the hard top roof from the pick-up truck upside down, with a wheelbarrow and other rubbish in it, in a lay-by in the road.

After the incident was reported, a police officer searched the rubbish and went to Warburton's address in Knowle, Bristol.

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As he was not at home, a message was left saying that the rubbish had to be moved or he would be reported for fly tipping.

As the rubbish was still there the next day, North Somerset Council's environmental health team were informed.

When interviewed, Warburton denied dumping the rubbish but confirmed he was the owner of the pick-up truck.

When shown a packet of pills found in the rubbish, which had his name and address on it, he admitted he took the tablets but could not explain how they had ended up in Cooks Bridle Path.

Having refused to pay for the clear-up costs, Warburton was brought before magistrates and pleaded not guilty.

After a trial he was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine of �300, �150 costs, �100 for cleaning up the waste and a �15 victim surcharge.

His charge was failing to ensure transfer of household waste to an authorised person.

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