Dad ‘lucky to survive’ after street stabbing

Lou Walters.

Lou Walters. - Credit: Archant

A WESTON dad who was stabbed five times and almost died in the street, says his attackers have taken part of his life away and their combined 17-year jail sentence is ‘not enough’.

Kieran Brooks (picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary).

Kieran Brooks (picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary). - Credit: Sub

Speaking exclusively to the Mercury, 30-year-old Lou Walters said not being able to take care of his children or even get out of bed ‘almost killed’ him, after the 12-inch blade pierced his lung, shoulder and ribs.

Robert Weatherman (picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary)

Robert Weatherman (picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary) - Credit: Sub

He then had to battle more hardship when his home was burgled just days after he returned from hospital.

Teenager Kieran Brooks and 42-year-old Robert Weatherman were jailed on Friday at Bristol Crown Court after pleading guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The judge sentenced 18-year-old Brooks, of Alfred Street, to six years behind bars, while Weatherman, of the same address, was handed 11 years - although the judge admitted he had initially considered passing a life sentence.

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The court was told the incident occurred after an argument broke out when Mr Walters visited flats where his then-girlfriend lived, having heard she had attempted suicide.

Brooks handed Weatherman a knife as Mr Walters and he argued in Alfred Street on January 5. Weatherman stabbed the father-of-two repeatedly and Brooks kicked him in the head twice.

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When police and paramedics arrived at the scene PC Kelly Archer delivered lifesaving first aid to Mr Walters and he was taken to Frenchay Hospital, where doctors later told him they were shocked he had survived such an attack.

Now six months on, Mr Walters says he still has trouble sleeping and battles depression, but is determined to stay strong.

He said: “Not being able to get out of bed almost killed me. My lung was damaged so much it was hard to get up.

“This has completely changed my life, it felt like I had hit rock bottom. This has also changed my mum’s life and my family’s. My mum has been a rock for me.

“It makes me so angry that I cannot play football with my son for that long. He loves football and I love doing that with him. They have taken that part of my life.

“I was really annoyed when I heard the sentence, it’s not enough. I almost died and it was terrifying waking up with three or four doctors standing around me. It’s not a long time and they will be out soon.”

Despite being burgled when he returned home from hospital to Kewstoke, Lou said the incident has also prompted him to reconnect with his father, who he had not spoken to in 25 years, and said his support has helped him through this difficult time.

He added: “When this happened everything stopped. I’m finding it hard catching up with day-to-day life.

“What’s making it worse is not being able to work. I was a plasterer and I liked being busy and always moving.

“But I do feel really lucky I survived - I feel like someone was watching over me.”

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