Ex-army teenager fined after attacking cars

A FORMER army man damaged two cars and left blood stains on another in an ‘act of madness’ after a night out in Weston, a court heard.

Patrick Golledge, aged 18, was spotted by a CCTV operator bent through a smashed window of a silver Volkswagen Golf in the High Street at about 3am on October 13.

He was then seen to elbow a side window of a black Peugeot vehicle and then kick and bend the door of a blue Peugeot 106.

After being arrested by police, the Brue Close resident said he had drunk about six pints of alcohol and had committed the damage out of frustration.

Appearing at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges on Monday, Golledge pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal damage and said ‘I’m really, really sorry’.

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Rebecca Gardiner, prosecuting, told magistrates: “The defendant had been out with friends but became detached from his group on the way home when he became angry.

“He told police in interview after the incident that he had wanted to take his frustration out on something after the night out.”

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Golledge, in mitigation, told magistrates he was working on the minimum wage at a restaurant, but was planning to rejoin the army.

He said: “I just want to say I am really, really sorry for doing this.

“I had a lot of things going through my head at the time, but this was completely wrong.

“It was an act of madness I regret.”

Chairman of the bench Ali Nasor said: “These are quite serious attacks on victims who have done no harm to you.

“It was quite reckless, but we take into account your good behaviour and early guilty plea.”

Golledge was fined �120 and ordered to pay court costs of �85 plus a �15 victim surcharge.

He was also told to pay �231.38 compensation to the vehicle owners, including �10 to the owner of the black Peugeot for cleaning blood off her car.

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