Fine for patient who shouted abuse at doctors’ surgery

PATIENTS at a doctor’s surgery in Weston watched as a man shouted abuse at staff before urinating outside, a court heard.

Nicholas Perkins, 46, said he was in agony and suffering the effects of mixing alcohol and medication when he made his way into the Graham Road Medical Practice on Monday.

North Somerset Magistrates’ Court heard that Perkins, of Knightstone Road, entered the surgery at around 6.20pm and demanded to see a doctor.

When he was told there were no appointments available he lay down on the waiting room floor and then urinated on the floor outside.

Police arrived and saw Perkins shouting and waving his arms about and said he smelt of alcohol.

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Magistrates were told that one of the officers asked him if he had anything sharp on him, to which he replied ‘I might have’.

They pulled him up and he then shouted ‘you’re not police’.

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Perkins was arrested and told officers he had drank some vodka and also taken medication.

St.John Napier, defending, said his client had only drank a 5cl miniature bottle of vodka on the day, had very little sleep the previous evening and was “suffering excruciating pain”.

He said Perkins lost his job a year ago after he had an accident at work and is due to see a specialist next month, which could result in an operation on his right shoulder.

“His behaviour was irrational and unacceptable but he maintains he was in extreme pain and begged for the receptionist for any appointment at all,” said St.John Napier

“He was extremely co-operative with me and very remorseful about the whole incident but did state he was in absolute agony.”

A charge of drunk and disorderly was withdrawn by the court on Tuesday and replaced with a Section 5 Public Order Offence, to which Perkins pleaded guilty.

He was fined �50 and ordered to pay costs of �75 and a victim surcharge of �15.

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