Flytipper caught in the act

A MAN caught fly-tipping outside a North Somerset village has been punished after he was caught in the act by a parish councillor.

Jason Frost was caught dumping two tyres in a lane near Banwell on July 22 last year by Banwell parish councillor Paul Bateman.

Despite Frost, of Pembroke Road, Weston, becoming aggressive with him, Cllr Bateman alerted the owner of the land where the tyres had been dumped, and called for the police.

Frost had driven his black BMW to Wolvershill Recovery and Tyre Garage in the village to get his tyres replaced.

Frost claimed the proprietor of the garage had told him to dump the used tyres in the dead-end track off Wolvershill Road, but Paul Clark, the garage’s owner, said Frost told him he was going to dispose of them himself after refusing to pay a �3 charge.

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Frost then drove down the lane towards Wolvershill Road and parked in the dead end track, where he was passed by Cllr Bateman and his 16-year-old son Edward.

They saw 39-year-old Frost throw a tyre ‘like a rugby ball’ into the nearby ditch, leading Cllr Bateman to reverse his car and block the BMW into the track.

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After Cllr Bateman sent his son to fetch Sue Disney, the owner of the land, he said Frost became more aggressive, saying to him: “Well can you move out of the way or I’ll move it for you.”

Three police officers arrived on the scene shortly after Mrs Disney, and cautioned Frost.

The defendant also failed to attend an interview with environmental protection officers from North Somerset Council on September 23.

After the magistrates took into account Frost’s guilty plea, he was fined �100, along with a victim’s surcharge of �15 and a further �300 in costs.

Magistrate Joy Yeates said in sentencing: “I’m sure you now know that you can’t go around the countryside dumping tyres, and it’s quite easy to take them to the tip and dispose of them correctly there.”

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