In The Dock

The following cases were completed at North Somerset Courthouse between January 31 and February 4:

? Daniel Lawrence (24), of Monkton Avenue, Weston. Possession of a class A drug: Fined �65 plus �85 costs and �15 victim surcharge.

? Clare McCarthy (40), of The Rows, Weston. Possession of an offensive weapon: Nine-month community order with six-month curfew, ordered to pay �85 costs.

? Charlie Woods (19), of Ewart Road, Weston. Possession of class B drug: Fined �65 plus �85 costs and �15 victim surcharge.

? Jennifer Coppin (44), of Hildesheim Close, Weston. Attempted theft: Fined �65 plus �85 costs and �15 victim surcharge.

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? Martin Bradford (33), of Wyllie Court, Weston. Threatening behaviour: 12-month conditional discharge, ordered to pay �150 costs.

? Bradley Perry (27), of Wynter Close, Weston. Racially-aggravated criminal damage: One-year community order with four-month curfew, ordered to pay �80 compensation. Racially-aggravated harassment: No separate penalty.

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? Luke Major (18), of Flamingo Crescent, Weston. Assault: Six-month community order with three-month curfew, ordered to pay �100 compensation plus �85 costs.

? Gary Fear (42), of Victoria Park, Weston. Threatening behaviour: Eight-week community order with two-week curfew.

? Martyn Deakin (37), of Severn Road, Weston. Drunk in charge of a vehicle: Fined �150 plus �725 costs and �15 victim surcharge, licence endorsed with 10 penalty points.

? Roger Dare (39), of Quantock Road, Weston. Theft: One-year community order. Fraud: Ordered to pay �256.25 compensation plus �85 costs.

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