Kickboxing world champ assaulted women during violent ‘spree’

Jon Para.

Jon Para. - Credit: Archant

A WORLD kickboxing champion went on a violent ‘drunken spree’ in Weston, punching two women before spitting at and verbally abusing police and a nurse.

Jonathan Para, (pictured left), aged 29, stuck out his chest like he wanted to fight and then removed his T-shirt before the assaults in Regent Street, North Somerset Courthouse was told.

Magistrates heard the incident began when Para, who won a world kickboxing title in June this year, punched Samantha Leckie in the face, which left her dazed.

When her friend Yasmine Halila intervened, he punched her in the face too, and then hit Ms Leckie on the back of her head, leaving her with swelling to the forehead and bruising to her legs from where she was knocked to the ground.

Para, of Bristol Road Lower, was bitten by a police dog when officers tried to arrest him, and taken to Weston General Hospital.

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Once there, Para assaulted Police Sergeant Ashdown, Special Constable Pavey and nurse Katrina Lewis by spitting on them. Prosecutor Laura Opie said: “He was extremely abusive and threatening. It was alarming to people in the area receiving treatment.

“He was talking about being a kickboxer and that he could take all the officers out.

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“The nurse said in 20 years of nursing, she had never seen such abuse and aggression.”

On Monday, Para admitted three counts of beating and two charges of assaulting a constable, and was handed a 16-month suspended prison sentence and 300 hours community service.

He also pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to a car wing mirror during the same incident on May 5 last year, and using threatening and abusive words with intent to cause fear of violence.

Ms Opie said: “The defendant was of good character prior to these incidents, which involved a drunken spree of incidents in Weston.”

Para later told police he had been drinking champagne and vodka, and did not normally drink because he is a sportsman.

Ms Opie said Para told police: “I don’t know why I did it. I don’t normally drink. I was angry and aggressive having been bitten by the police dog.”

She added that Para could not offer a reason for being aggressive to the nurse, and didn’t remember spitting at her.

Mitigating, Mark Linehan said: “He is appalled by what he did. Drink did play a significant role in this.

“But the only way he can explain what happened is something was put in his drink.

“And let me say, this is not simply a case that can be explained away by something dropped into his glass.”

Mr Linehan said the dog bite was a trigger for Para ‘further losing control’, but said his kickboxing was not related to the incident.

Magistrates ordered Para to pay £1,806.07, of which £600 was compensation to the victims, £390 was a fine for the criminal damage and the rest was court costs and a victim surcharge.

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