Man sentenced for racial abuse towards train staff

North Somerset Courthouse.

North Somerset Courthouse. - Credit: Archant

A MAN inflicted a torrent of verbal abuse upon a member of staff at Weston train station.

Stuart Carruthers, aged 51, admitted causing racially aggravated fear and provocation of violence by words.

The incident occurred on April 18, when security guard Rezhwan Khadir prevented Carruthers from boarding a train that was leaving the station.

The train was due to pull out, meaning passengers were no longer able to board the carriages, in the interests of safety.

Carruthers responded by shouting racial abuse towards Mr Khadir and made stabbing motions towards his head and stomach.

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A statement by Mr Khadir was read in court in which he described the incident as ‘disturbing’ and ‘unfair’ for the members of the public who were present at the time.

Carruthers, who appeared at North Somerset Courthouse on Monday, told magistrates he did not remember the incident due to being under the influence of alcohol at the time.

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Mr Khadir filmed part of the incident on his mobile phone and the defence said that upon showing Carruthers the footage he appeared ‘shocked’ at his own behaviour and ‘remorseful’ over the whole incident.

Carruthers, of Broad Walk, Bristol, previously suffered from a class A drug habit and admitted being alcohol-dependant.

He was sentenced to a 12-month supervised community order alongside a six-month alcohol treatment programme. Carruthers was ordered to pay £100 in compensation to Mr Khadir alongside £60 victim surcharge.

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