Marine Lake flasher found guilty

The causeway that links Knightstone Island with Anchor Head. Picture: John Christopher

The causeway that links Knightstone Island with Anchor Head. Picture: John Christopher - Credit: John Christopher

A father from Weston, branded a ‘disgusting pervert’ by one witness, was found guilty of exposing himself near Marine Lake.

North Somerset Courthouse heard how Adrian Marsland approached three women with his genitals exposed on the morning of August 8.

A witness, who legally must remain anonymous, said: “I was walking towards the lifeboat station near Marine Lake and I saw a guy coming towards me and I noticed he had his penis out just strolling along. He was just walking along and it was hanging out.”

“He must have been aware it was out. He was happily marching along and smirking.

“It made me feel uncomfortable. I got to the steps and he was stood right behind me and I called him a disgusting pervert.”

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She then ran into the nearby RNLI lifeboat shop as she felt she was being followed and took a picture of Marsland to use as evidence.

In a separate incident on the same morning, the 24-year-old exposed himself to two others who were walking on the seafront.

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One of them said: “It was clear someone was running up to us. As he got close I could see he was exposing himself.

“The way he was presenting himself was to make us see his penis.”

The pair then called the police and Marsland was later apprehended at his home in Knightstone Causeway.

He was then picked out of a line up by witnesses, after consenting to the use of photographs taken at the time of his arrest as he did not attend the police station when requested.

Marsland, who pleaded not guilty, in a rambling testimony in which he become increasingly agitated, insisted he was not the flasher and it was in fact a case of mistaken identity.

He said although he had been in the area at the time of the incident after spending a drink and drug-fuelled evening with friends in town, he did not expose himself to anyone and someone else fitting his description carried out the crimes.

Chair of the bench Robert Gough said that explanation of events lacked credibility in the face of ‘consistent’, ‘credible’ and ‘unshakable’ witness testimonies. He found Marsland guilty on all three counts of exposure with intent to cause alarm or distress.

Marsland will be sentenced on November 21.

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