Weston police officer faces misconduct hearing after alleged racist comments

 Kenneth Steele House

The misconduct hearing will be held at Kenneth Steele House. - Credit: Google

A Weston police officer could lose her job after allegedly saying she knew two men were involved in criminality because they were black. 

PC Andra Serbanescu is also accused of saying an Asian man was the 'type who would have a bomb'. 

Avon and Somerset police says the alleged comments could be considered racist and offensive and amount to gross misconduct. 

PC Serbanescu, who joined the force in March 2020, detained two men who were suspected of being involved in the supply of drugs and money laundering at a petrol station last July. 

A notice for her misconduct hearing alleges that she told a colleague she knew they were going to arrest the men as soon as she saw them. 
The force will argue that PC Serbanescu was implying she knew the two men were involved in criminality because they were black. 

Later that month the officer spoke to an Asian man in North Street carrying what looked like a prayer mat who said he was waiting for the mosque to open at 4.15am. 

PC Serbanescu is accused of saying the man was 'the type who would have a bomb'. 
A virtual misconduct hearing will be hosted at Kenneth Steele House in Bristol on February today (Wednesday).

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