No blame on doctors for builder’s death

A RETIRED builder from Winscombe died after a tube fixed into his body to help drain his bladder dislodged.

Colin Middle, aged 60, had the supra pubic catheter put in after vomiting blood and suffering lower abdominal pain in July 2009.

However, the device needed to be replaced on September 4 when Mr Middle was admitted to Weston General Hospital with urinating problems.

Then, on September 7, following further problems suffered by Mr Middle, surgeons operated on him and found the catheter had broken away from his bladder.

A week later Mr Middle, who suffered from a range of conditions and was an alcoholic, died in his hospital bed from multiple organ failure.

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At an inquest at Flax Bourton Coroner’s Court, coroner Anthony Woodburn ruled the death accidental.

He attached no blame to doctors at Weston General Hospital for Mr Middle’s death, branding the dislodgement ‘unforeseen’.

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He also took into account Mr Middle’s other illnesses, which included severe heart, lung and liver conditions.

But he said: “Had it not been for that procedure it is likely that Mr Middle would not have deteriorated to the extent he did.

“This particular procedure set a chain of events which ultimately led to his demise.”

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