‘Sick Nick’ boasted about ‘killer kick’ - court told

A ‘PSYCHOTIC’ Weston man who was dubbed ‘sick Nick’ boasted about the killer kick that led to his friend’s death.

Alcoholic Nicholas Sibthorpe bragged to friends and police that he had ‘done someone in’ after he struck out at Jason Moule on May 1 last year in a booze-fuelled attack.

Mr Moule, aged 41, died in hospital nine days after suffering a single punch and kick to the head.

Although only minor damage was caused, Mr Moule’s ill health meant the injuries caused a fatal blood clot.

This week Sibthorpe appeared at Bristol Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to a lesser offence of manslaughter after originally pleading not guilty to murder.

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Mr Moule’s heartbroken family and girlfriend watched from the public gallery as Sibthorpe, who was dressed in a black suit, was sentenced to 52 months in prison.

The court heard that Sibthorpe had visited Mr Moule, a severe alcoholic, and his girlfriend Tracey Butler at their Bruton House home on the day of the attack where they drank for several hours.

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Christopher Quinlan, prosecuting, said Sibthorpe was later told to get out of the flat by Mr Moule because he made Miss Butler’s friend feel so uncomfortable - by whispering in her ear and stroking her hair - that she left.

Sibthorpe, who has several convictions for violence, said Mr Moule struck the back of his head and he retaliated by punching him in the face which knocked him to the ground.

He then kicked Mr Moule in the head as he attempted to get up and he was knocked unconscious.

The court was told that the victim wasn’t admitted to Weston General Hospital until two days after the attack because Mr Moule had asked to stay at home – and he died of a brain haemorrhage on May 10.

The extent of Mr Moule’s alcoholism was revealed when tests showed that his liver was severely damaged – and the trauma to the head which caused the blood clot was ‘exacerbated’ by his ill health.

Miss Butler said in a personal statement how she had lost her ‘best friend’ and ‘one true love’, and Mr Moule’s family said his death was ‘needless’.

Alun Jenkins, defending, said the punch to the head was lawful as it was in self defence, but he went ‘too far’ when he kicked Mr Moule.

He said a doctor’s report showed that the victim had 65 per cent chance of dying within a year from his liver disease, and it was this damage that caused the ‘horror’ of the blood clot.

Mr Jenkins said that Sibthorpe was genuinely remorseful and his brags at the time of the attack, which came before Mr Moule died, were no more than the ‘ramblings of a drunk’.

The court heard that Sibthorpe had been abused as a child and the death of his partner, who committed suicide in 2009, sent him ‘into the arms of the vodka wagon’.

In a letter to the court, Sibthorpe said he was a ‘broken and very remorseful man’.

He went on to say: ‘I apologise to his family and for all the hurt and grief I have caused them.

‘If I could turn the clock back I would have walked away from the scuffle I had with Jason Moule.’

DI Sue Wilshire, of Avon and Somerset Police, after sentencing said: “Whilst this conviction will not bring Jason back it is hoped this outcome affords those closest to him, some closure and will enable them to move on with their lives.

“This conviction demonstrates that some people are more susceptible to suffering significant harm and in this case death if assaulted, and therefore if you choose to engage in antisocial behaviour and gratuitous violence you in turn have to be responsible for your actions.”

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