Son confesses shame for beating his mother

A SON has admitted to North Somerset Magistrates Court he is ashamed of himself for beating his own mother, who he lives with.

Darren Park, aged 37, from Colombo Crescent, Weston, was charged with beating his mother, Colleen Park, on two occasions in July. Park admitted to being an alcoholic for many years and said he could not recollect the times he had been abusive towards Mrs Park.

He said: “I am totally disgusted with myself for what I did to my mother. I know I have an alcohol problem and that is no excuse.

“She is terribly good to me and I am terribly ashamed of myself. I wish it had not happened.”

The court heard from the prosecution, Kelly Marshall, Mrs Park fully supports her son and has not filed a restraining order.

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Park came to live with his mother three years ago with his partner and two children. When his family moved out he continued to live there and drink large quantities of vodka.

Ms Marshall told the court there had been other instances of abusive behaviour towards his mother before these charges, where he pinned her against the wall and called her a nut-case.

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On July 22 Mrs Park went up to her son’s bedroom and he kicked her in the back. The police were called and he was found in bed very drunk, as he had drank two bottles of vodka, and he had said he felt suicidal.

He then assaulted his mother again on July 23 when he called his mother to his bedroom saying he did not feel well and he needed to go to hospital. He then grabbed her by her right wrist and pulled her hair and said in an aggressive tone that he was going to kill her.

Ms Marshall said: “Mrs Park still supports her son and wants to help him through the alcoholism.”

Magistrate Joy Yates gave Park a supervision order for 12 months, to work with a probation service along with an alcohol support group.

She said: “This was a very serious assault on your mother and this was not the only assault she had to put up with.

“This is up to you now. You have a chance to turn your life around.”

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