Teenager jailed for rape

A 19-YEAR-OLD refuse collector from St Georges has been jailed for rape.

Mitchell Moir was found guilty by a crown court jury of the crime today.

The teenager, who has been jailed for two years, had claimed he accidentally had sex with a woman ‘for a second’ while she hugged him as she slept.

He had denied raping the victim, now aged 22 at the trial at Exeter Crown Court.

A jury was told he had been babysitting for her while she went out socialising one night in September 2009.

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Sean Brunton, prosecuting, said she returned to her home in Devon at 2am, and had been drinking during her evening out.

He asked to have sex with her twice and she said ‘no’ and he went to sleep on the sofa.

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The woman’s baby started to cry at 6am and she asked Moir to deal with the child as part of his babysitting duties while she slept on.

The court heard how he then went to her bedroom and took off all his clothes and got in her bed.

The next day the upset victim allegedly confided in her mother that she believed Moir had sex with her while she was asleep.

Mr Moir’s DNA was found on swabs taken by police doctors from the woman. The jury heard he also told his uncle the police would probably be arresting him for rape.

In police interview Mr Moir told officers that the alleged victim ‘grabbed him around the back and pulled him towards her forcing him to penetrate her accidentally’.

He said it was the hugging action by the sleeping woman that led to them having sex.

Moir was also put on the sex offenders’ register.

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