Toddler drowns in family holiday pool tragedy

A TWO-YEAR-OLD girl accidentally drowned in her grandfather’s swimming pool while on a family holiday in Cyprus, an inquest has ruled.

Rose Bastin, from Congresbury, was found face down in the pool by her father after the family realised she had gone missing from inside the villa.

Unsuccessful attempts were made to resuscitate her at the poolside and by paramedics on the way to hospital. She was pronounced dead when she arrived in hospital on July 7.

Local policeman Sergeant Isik Sezgin’s report concluded the death was not the result of negligence by anyone involved.

The inquest, held at Flax Bourton Coroners Court on Thursday, was told Rose, her parents and her sibling were on holiday in the northern town of Girne when she died.

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They were staying at her grandfather’s holiday villa in Carrington Marina when the accident happened. Sgt Sezgin’s report said the family had been swimming earlier in the day and did not realise Rose had gone back outside while they were preparing dinner.

Her father dragged the blonde-haired girl out of the swimming pool and met ambulance crews on the way to the local hospital. She was pronounced dead at 8pm.

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A medical report from Dr Idris Deniz from Lefkosa State Hospital said the toddler died from asphyxiation caused by suffocating while in the pool.

Terrence Moore, deputy assistant coroner, said the sad death was not the fault of anyone and praised the Cypriot authorities for their assistance.

He said: “Sadly, on the day in question, the family, having been swimming, retired indoors for an evening meal. From what I can understand, the deceased, unnoticed, had left and gone back outdoors. On noticing her absence, a quick search revealed she was in the pool connected with the house. She was retrieved by her father, who gave her artificial respiration.

“She was then taken by car and then met an ambulance on the way and found to be dead on arrival. The signs are clearly there that drowning was the cause of death and there were no unusual circumstances. On the balance of probabilities, this sad death should be recorded as an accidental death.”

Rose’s parents chose not to attend the inquest and have since moved from Venus Street where they lived at the time.

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