Two men jailed after Weston-super-Mare burglary ‘betrayal’

Bristol Crown Court heard the case on August 12.

Bristol Crown Court heard the case on August 12. - Credit: Archant

A Weston man has spoken of the ‘betrayal’ he feels after a former friend and an accomplice who burgled his house were put behind bars this week.

The thieves – Peri Sandic, aged 51, of Torrington Crescent, and 29-year-old Daniel Brown, of Orchard Street – were sentenced to 16 months in jail at Bristol Crown Court on Friday after admitting one count of burglary.

Sandic also pleaded guilty to being one of four men involved in an attempted burglary of Wembdon St George’s Primary School near Bridgwater.

The pair broke into Dennis and Yvonne Roper’s family home in Locking Moor Road while they were on holiday in the Isle of Man in June 2015.

The burglars smashed a kitchen window before proceeding to ransack the couple’s home.

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They stole several items of jewellery and Mr Roper’s prized whiskey collection.

Sandic and Brown did not evade the authorities for long, however, being caught by police shortly afterwards.

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The excuses they gave to police fell on deaf ears.

Susan Cavender, prosecuting, said: “Brown told police the gloves and balaclava were in their van because it was cold.

“Police were dubious as it was a June evening.”

Most of the family’s possessions have been returned since the thieves were caught, but Mrs Roper’s engagement ring and a gold necklace have not been recovered.

After the sentencing, Mr Roper, aged 56, said: “My wife was distraught when she found out the ring had gone, that’s an understatement.

“Those items are long gone as far as we’re concerned.”

Mr Roper said he knew Sandic ‘quite well’ before the burglary, having previously helped the thief’s son to secure employment at the industrial roofing firm he works for.

He told the Mercury: “I knew him for seven to eight years or so. I got his son an apprenticeship at the firm I work for and spent two years training him up.

“He still works for the firm now, but I won’t have anything to do with him.

“I think Sandic stooped very low, it feels like a betrayal. I’m very pleased they have got a prison sentence.

“I hoped it would have been a lot longer, but that’s human nature I guess.”

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