‘Untouchable’ vicar conman jailed

A ‘HEARTLESS’ conman, who posed as a vicar and a diabetic to get his hands on money belonging to vulnerable and elderly people, has been jailed.

Robert Kerr, aged 53, pleaded guilty to five charges of fraud by false representation and asked for a further 15 to be taken into consideration.

Kerr asked for financial help with a broken down car while posing as a vicar in Weston in February 2011.

The court was also told the following month he pretended to be a diabetic in Yatton, recently out of hospital, and in desperate need to get to Belfast.

Kerr, of no fixed abode, also conned people out of money in other parts of the country including Clevedon, Gloucestershire, Liverpool and Ipswich.

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Fraud investigation officer Keith Harris said: “Kerr travelled all over the country preying on vulnerable, elderly people to make money.

“While the amounts of money he made each time are relatively low, the humiliation and hurt he has caused his victims is a disgrace.

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“He clearly thought he was untouchable, making up elaborate sob stories to con elderly people out of their money and travel the country.”

Kerr, who was arrested in Romford, Kent in September, was jailed at Bristol Crown Court for 16 months yesterday (Mon).

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